About me...

I have been in the world of Art for many years, dedicating myself uninterruptedly to painting.

The pandemic led me to think about new formats and about the time we spend in our homes, with new technologies and the importance of living with artistic works.

To buy an authentic work created by an artist added an enhanced personal value. Being able to live with artistic objects is a unique experience.


From the beginning, my work was a natural tool of expression; at first perhaps a game, to gradually transform into a flow of unconscious images that symbolize my deepest vulnerability.
Each new work offers me a genuine space to have a broader and deeper vision of my spiritual process.
A path, where emotional contemplation, allowed me to propose to the viewer the possibility of investigating the nature of reality.
Along the way I addressed many questions – perhaps with no answers – just new questions that allowed me to dig deeper into my own self, about my own perception of the world, about my identity process and about consciousness.
Reality is not what it seems, perhaps for this reason, I build other worlds in this mysterious universe; where impermanence is the only certainty. This struggle with what is not yet understood and exposes itself to indeterminacy and uncertainty.


Plastic artist, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Nora began her training, graduating as a Lawyer, at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of Buenos Aires, in 1975, pursuing postgraduate studies in Natural Resources Law and Environmental Law. Nora practiced his profession and taught until 1990.

Starting in 1983, she worked specializing in gender violence, at the institution “Lugar de mujer” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Then, she began his plastic training at an early age, studying drawing in the workshops of Carlos Terribilli, Salvador Benjunya, Elba Greco and Estímulo de Bellas Artes.

In 1984, she entered the “Ernesto de la Carcova” Higher School of Art, attending the Master Ponciano Cardenas Workshop, Mural Painting, graduating in 1989.

Since 1990 to date, Nora has dedicated himself exclusively to the visual arts, holding exhibitions in the country and abroad.

From 2002 to 2009, she lived in Madrid and currently in Valencia, Spain.

Nora organizes courses teaching on Drawing, Painting and Creativity.


2022.- Collective Exhibition. “La Maison D’Eros”, Medinaseli, Soria, Spain. 2019.- “Haroldo Conti” Cultural Center. Memory Space. AAVRA.–2018.-Borges Cultural Center. Berni Room. “Thinking Gender”, Buenos Aires, Argentina. AAVRA.-2014.-Durini Foundation.-Sans Souci Palace. Victory. Buenos Aires, Argentina.-Awarded work at the Primavera XX Hall.-2013.-Nube Museum. Olhe Brasil Art Fair, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.- 2011. Hotel Panamericano. “Interior Landscapes”. Art in Lobby. Buenos Aires Art Galery.-Individual exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2010.-Palermo H. Art Gallery-“Feminine Beauty”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2010.-Hispanic Alliance Foundation. “Madrid, Dream City”, Madrid, Spain. 2009.-Hispanic Alliance Foundation. “Latin American Artists in Madrid”, Madrid, Spain.-2008.-Contemporary Art Fair.” Dearte Foundation”. Congress Palace. Madrid, Spain.-2007.- “Estay” Art Space, Individual Exhibition. “Invisible Worlds” Madrid, Spain-2007.- Etnia Latin American Art Fair 2007.-Fourth Edition .ELA. Latin American Space, “Tribute to Guayasamin” Brussels, Belgium.-2006.-“Social and Cultural Work Caja de Castilla La Mancha” Individual exhibition. “Making the absent visible” Cuenca, Castilla La Mancha, Spain.-2006.- “Dionis Bennassar” art gallery Individual exhibition. “Nora Alvarez…confluences with the origins of man.” Madrid, Spain.- 2002.-Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. Cultural Cycle.- Grupo Norte, Buenos Aires, Argentina..-2001.” Artexpo Jacob Javit Convention Center, Manhattan, New York. “The Pictoral Bardon Group”.2000. Center for International Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of Russia “Argentine Art in Moscow. Cultural Department. Institute for Latin America of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow, Russia.-2000.-Stock Exchange.- “Argentine artists”. Cultural Cycle”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.-1999.-House of Russia. Exhibition Hall.- “Argentine Tango”.-1998.-“Argentine Art in New York.”The Pictorial Bardon Group” Euroamerica Gallery, Manhattan, New York-1997.-“Contemporary Argentine Art in Malaysia”, Regent Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.-Argentine Embassy.1995.-Political and Social Institute Foundation. Buenos Aires, Argentina. “Space of Art.-“Meetings”.-1985.-Mural made in the “Sports Center of the City of Ushuaia”, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina..-“Sport, Measurements: 10 more x 8mts.- commissioned by the Secretary of Sports of Tierra del Fuego.-1984.- Mural made on public roads, Balbín and Donado streets.-Measurements 12 more x 8 meters.- Recoleta Cultural Center competition. Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires.-