Frequent questions

Are international shipments made?

Yeah! You can buy the work and receive it at your home or wherever you indicate. Depending on the country of your residence, the cost of your shipping is calculated at the time of purchase, which varies depending on the size and place where it is going. All cost will be calculated in advanced and you will be able to accept before finalizing the purchase.

How is the original work packed for transport?

The packaging of the work is adequate for easy transportation fullfilling the regulations that transport companies required. Package consists of two white passpartouts where the work goes inside, wich can be used for definite framing. In addition, it has a nylon bubble/balloon wrapper, for greater protection. The piece of art is placed in a strong cardboard box, the size of the work that will be the final packaging.

Is insurance included in the freight?

Yes, the transfer company insures the shipment and you can also follow the transfer itinerary through its website.

Do you accept commissioned works?

I produce commissioned works. You just have to contact me and send an email ( to discuss your order.

What frames are appropriate for these works?

Recommendations for framing a work of art:

  • It is very important to frame the work, since the function of the frame is to protect it and even more in the case of a watercolor on paper. The frame protects the work from manipulations, dust, atmospheric pollution, etc. Also from UB radiation, which is the main agent of deterioration and yellowing.
  • It is convenient to use glass, methacrylate or polycarbonate. Glass or crystal is more resistant to abrasion, achieves greater transparency but is easily breakable. There are organic crystals that incorporate the UB filter with anti-reflective properties. Methacrylate is suitable for transporting a work since it is unbreakable, but it can lose brightness. Polycarbonate is of better quality.
  • Regarding the mounting of the watercolor on paper, it is done on a passpartout, which is composed of an upper cardboard that has an opening or window to display the work and a lower cardboard that supports it. The thickness of the cardboard for this assembly is 5mm. We should never stick the work to the second support with any adhesive as it can penetrate the paper and cause yellowing, darkening, and be difficult to remove. You must choose the so-called “acid-free” ones, with neutral PH, which are purchased in specialized framing stores.

For oil or acrylic painting, glass is not usually placed in the works. My advice, whether for a work on paper, oil or acrylic, is to get the advice of qualified professionals to frame and handle so as to get its best conservation and appearance.-

Can I return the work if it does not match my decoration?

Yes…regardless of the reason on which you decided your purchase, if you find that the artwork is not suitable for your space, you may return it for refund or exchange within 30 days of my reception of the shipment.

But it is essential that the choice you made in principle and that was intuitive and from the heart, is taken into account, since a painting that you acquire will surely accompany you for many years and will grow in you even though everything around you changes.

As an art collector I suggest you always buy with your heart!!!!