Infinite oceans...imaginary borders

“Water from above”

 Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150cm.- 59 x 59 inches.

“Blue Planet”

 Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150cm.- 59 x59 inches.

“Emerald Forest”

Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 150cm.- 51.1 x 59 inches.

“Infinite Ocean”

Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 150cm.- 51.1 x 59 inches.

“Jasper Land”

Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 150cm.- 51.1 x 59 inches.

“Nostalgia for light”

Acrylic on canvas, 110 x 120cm.- 43.3 x 47.2 inches.

“The sound of water”

Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100cm.- 39.3 x 39.3 inches.

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«Infinite oceans...imaginary borders»


From the moment we can have a direct and spontaneous vision of apparent reality and an unconditioned look, disconnected from analytical processess; a process of alert occurs. All the movement takes place within one itself and the observation of said reality is integrated into a state without distortion.

In that space-time a true alchemical process occurs, the essential happens, the veil and also the duality are removed.  Images appear and arises a sudden counsciousness  The invisible is incorporated into the world of vision.

This process is experienced by every artist who seeks the genesis of a work through his art.

That creative force is an inaccessible mystery which has no name but we feel internally.

We can get closer to its source and therefore we need to reveal it, manifest it and become a form, a reality…

In this series ” Infinite ocean, imaginary borders”, I go deeper through painting  into that process to reveal that unconscious flow. This flow contains the Totality, the permanent and constant movement like “an infinitie ocean” that is the origin of life, the energy that creates life and transform it.